Our Vision
Shaping the whole new world of engineering services for better project result

Our Mission
Delivering innovative and information-rich integrated solutions to meet project needs for the benefit of our customers, partners and stakeholders

Our Corporate Value
Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, Innovation

Our Business
We provide professional client-focused engineering and construction solutions

What Darya Elang Caraka Means
The name Darya Elang Caraka or in short DEC was formed to convey our vision and mission
The name Darya means a person who is motivated to creatively provide solution to solve problem.
The name Elang means eagle. Eagles are known for its swift and focused for maximum results, and supreme visionary for timing and accuracy.
The name Caraka means an envoy, diplomatic agent, or accredited messenger who deliver the message and make sure it is received by the recipient.
So in complete, we are focused to provide and deliver innovative solutions to solve customer's problems and achieve their goals in a timely and accurate manner.

Why We Are Here
DEC was established by a group of people who have the same spirit to assist our valued customers to achieve their goals by making a change in the way of performing engineering services and providing breakthrough solutions for better project result.

How We Do It
DEC team consists of personnel who have expertise on specific fields with years of experience to support you to run the project effectively and efficiently. DEC also have software and system to help you to improve productivity.

What We Deliver
DEC provides consulting services to help you identify your organization needs, engineering services and professional man power supply to support you to perform the project, and professional training services to help you gaining your team's knowledge and skills

What Benefit You Get
By adopting DEC services you will be able to manage the risks to minimize the impact on project hence increasing your profitability